Our story

Our story is the same as that of many other couples who enthusiastically and naively embark on an adventure without a clear project in mind. All we knew was that we were ready to work hard and wished to share with others.

Thierry, a skipper and Valérie, an HR consultant, are both self-taught hotel keepers…

The hotel was built on a land that had been solely exploited as a quarry for many years. At the beginning, we built our home there, but the urge to share the tranquility of this place and bringing out its full potential was just irresistible... Today, we are delighted to welcome you to our own safe haven.

Key dates

  • 1995 : Encounter on a boat in the Antilles.
  • 2010 : Plan for the hotel, with only 5 rooms at the beginning.
  • 2013 : Creation of the restaurant.
  • 2015 : Expansion and new services on offer.
  • 2019 : In 8 years, the team grew from 5 to 18 people.
  • 2021 : The hotel takes up the 5-star challenge.

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One of our 17 rooms is adapted for people with reduced mobility.

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