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Gardens & Maquis Shrubland

Silence and authenticity.

10 minutes from the coast, its entertainment and beaches, you will discover a place where only the sounds of nature break the silence.
A few bends, a little path and here you have the hotel’s 4 villas set down where nature accepted them.

At the heart of the Corsican maquis shrubland.

While a few exotic plants have invited themselves, most of the gardens are made up of plants native to the maquis shrubland that blend together to give us this bewitching fragrance so characteristic of the Corsican maquis shrubland.

Corners and hideaways.

Faithful to the “hideout” spirit we wanted to create different relaxing areas within the property. Solarium, walks in the maquis shrubland, areas for a siesta, viewpoints that look out over the entire valley…