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Inland Balagne

The Balagne is to be sampled.

The fertile valleys of the Balagne earned it the nickname of “orchard of Corsica” where olives, citrus fruits, almonds and grapes are produced…
Fruit and vegetables you will discover at the hotel, at the markets, on the paths…
Breeders and shepherds can be found higher up towards the mountains, perpetuating ancestral know-how.

The hidden treasures of our forests.

40 minutes by car you will discover spectacular woody canyons where streams of clear water flow (Bonifato, Melaja, Fango, etc.).
In the Corsican Mountains, hikes, bathing and nature activities welcome you with open arms (Canyoneering, climbing, via ferrata, etc.).

Mountain villages :

Take care, or you might just fall in love with one of them! The perched villages of Balagne, accessible via winding roads will reveal their archways, narrow streets and majestic homes but above all their craftsmen.
From village to village follow the “strada di l’artigiani” (the artisans’ route) or the wine route (more than 10 cellars and domains in a radius of 30km).