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Festivals & Festivities

There’s a festive air in Balagne.

Here more than anywhere else, celebrating is as natural as breathing.
On the agenda of village celebrations, the “chiama e respondi”, traditional improvised verbal fencing confirms the epicurean spirit of the people of Balagne.
Today the celebrations continue with a proliferation of events and festivals.

For over 20 years the Balagne region has been playing host to numerous festivals.

Here are the main events :
• the Calvi jazz festival (June),
• the Patrimonio guitar festival (July),
• the Estivoce festival in Pigna (polyphonic singing, July),
• Musica Classica festival in Santa Reparata (August)

Other events getting talked about.

• The theatre encounters in Olmi Capella (August),
• the Lama film festival (August),
• The international pétanque (bowls) tournament in Ile Rousse (September).
The hotel reception will keep you up-to-date of all events taking place during your stay so you don’t miss anything that may interest you.